Have you ever been excited to take a picture,
But then were disappointed, maybe even sad, at how it turned out? 

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought would be really cool? Maybe the world was being truly wondrous, or maybe your kid was doing something quite cute. But then when you looked at it later, you were disappointed, maybe even sad, at how it turned out?
  • Did you just miss that cool moment? 
  • Was your subject out of focus?
  • Or was it hard to even see your subject? 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can easily take better pictures 

You don't need a fancy, expensive camera to take great pictures. Your smartphone is a great camera. Learn how to use it to capture better memories.

I'll show you how 

Learn how your phone’s camera stacks up against other "real" cameras, including the shocking comparison to some DSLRs; how following simple guidelines, sometimes literally, takes the guesswork out of great picture taking; and how to take that perfect shot in seconds, even if the camera starts in your pocket.
  • Learn why your smartphone is a great camera 
  • Learn simple guidelines to capture a stunning image, every time
  • Learn the quick draw method of picture taking
  • Learn the professional's secret to really make your pictures pop 
Photo taken by Astrid Bryce on a smartphone

Get Years of experience Distilled into four weeks 

Hi, I'm Astrid. Like you, I like to take pictures, especially on my phone. I didn't start out taking pictures like the tree above. In fact, I've only been taking pictures for about three years, according to Instagram. And believe me, my first few Instagram posts were kind of sad.

As I took more pictures for Instagram, I got more interested and more involved in photography. I even learned how to use the fancy DSLR camera that my husband had bought for himself, and used it occasionally. 
Two years ago, I had progressed to using the fancy camera and post-processing software to capture images like this lunar eclipse. Eventually, I stole the nice camera from my husband all together.

However, it was somewhat annoying carrying around all the photography gear I needed to get good shots with the fancy camera. I didn't always want to bring it along on walks or trips. Yet I always had my cell phone, so I would take pictures on that. Sometimes, even when I had the fancy camera easily accessible, I would choose to use my phone to capture the shot instead.
Now, I take almost all of my pictures with my phone. On my last three trips, I brought the nice camera, but I mostly used my phone. Of all the times I reached for a camera, I chose my phone 85 - 99% of the time. Why? Because my phone has a great camera, I like the pictures my phone can take, and I love the convenience.

I took all the knowledge I gained over three years of learning photography using an expensive camera, and applied it to the images I capture using my smartphone, like these reflections on a fall lake. As you can see, you don't need an expensive camera to take great pictures.
Taken by Astrid Bryce on a smartphone
And now, I want to share that knowledge with you.

Join an intimate group, Receive Individualized Attention

Join an intimate group for 4 weeks of in-depth lessons on photography. Each week, the group will meet live online, for about an hour. The group will determine when the course meets. Of course, recordings will be available, if you can't make it, or for future reference.

Each lesson will include training on the topic of the week, a photo critique of one of your previously submitted photos, and time to answer any questions you have.

During the week, you will have unrestricted email access to me for any questions that come up. There will also be a private Facebook group for discussion during non-class hours.

As an added bonus, you will receive a free one-on-one coaching session with me. You may schedule this session at any point during the course. We will cover whatever you wish.

What you'll learn: 

Week 1 
get to know your camera
  • Welcome 
  • Your camera app 
  • Settings to set and forget
  • Settings you'll use
  • Photo critique 
Week 2 
Take your picture 
  • Quick app open
  • Compose 
  • Focus 
  • Shoot
  • Photo critique 
Week 3
 make your picture
  • Editing / Post-processing apps
  • Basic adjustments
  • More complex adjustments 
  • The "right" look 
  • Photo critique 
Week 4
your picture's future
  • Storing
  • Backing up 
  • Sharing
  • Printing 
  • Photo critique 

Plus, Get these bonuses:

Unlimited email support
Have a question outside of class-time? Email me! Ask me any questions you have. I promise to answer in a timely manner. I'm here for you.
Private Facebook Group
Chat with your fellow classmates in a private Facebook group. Share images for feedback. Answer questions. Offer support.
1:1 Coaching Session
Resolve challenging issues in your private one-on-one session with me. I can even remote-in to your computer to help give more specific advice.

capture better memories, and share with more confidence 

After four weeks, you'll be able to: 

  • Take better pictures
  • Post-process your best images to emphasize what made the moment special and worth capturing
  • Better re-live the important aspects and emotions of your experience when looking at your pictures
  • Have more confidence sharing your pictures
Join the Group Now For Just $299, $197, $99, ONLY $97

there's Absolutely No Risk:

You have my full, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you pay for the course, do the work, and don't agree that it was worth it, I will refund your money.

But you have to do the work. This course is for people willing to participate. You need to attend or watch each session. You need to submit a photo for critique each week. You need to introduce yourself in the Facebook group. You need to schedule your 1:1 coaching session. You need to ask questions if you are stuck or frustrated.

If you do all that, and, at the end, you still don't think the course was worth it, send me an email explaining why you want your money back. Then, I will happily refund your money.

You have my word on it.

But you have to act now

The group is currently forming. If you want to be part of this group, you have to act fast, before the timer hits zero.

The group will determine if the course starts before Christmas, or not. Christmas is a great time to take pictures. It would be a wonderful opportunity to improve your photography skills. But, I understand that the holidays can be busy, and some people just don't want to add one more stressor to their life. If the group decides that the holidays are too busy, we’ll wait until afterwards. 

Don't worry if you can't do before Christmas, and the group picks that. You can always watch the the recordings when you have time. Don't you deserve an hour for yourself each week, anyway?

Regardless of whether the group starts before or after Christmas, the group is forming now. I may not offer this course again. If I do, it will be very different, with much less personal attention, and probably a higher price tag. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

If you like taking pictures with your smartphone, and want to learn about photography & how to capture better memories, give yourself an early Christmas present. You deserve it. Plus, it will benefit those in your pictures, too.

Register for the course and join us today. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Astrid Bryce
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