Take Better Pictures,
Capture Better Memories,
Using Your Smartphone

Have you ever been excited to take a picture,
But then were disappointed, maybe even sad, at how it turned out? 

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought would be really cool? Maybe the world was being truly wondrous, or maybe your kid was doing something quite cute. But then when you looked at it later, you were disappointed, maybe even sad, at how it turned out?
  • Did you just miss that cool moment? 
  • Was your subject out of focus?
  • Or was it hard to even see your subject? 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can easily take better pictures 

You don't need a fancy, expensive camera to take great pictures. Your smartphone is a great camera. Learn how to use it to capture better memories.

I'll show you how 

Learn how your phone’s camera stacks up against other "real" cameras, including the shocking comparison to some DSLRs; how following simple guidelines, sometimes literally, takes the guesswork out of great picture taking; and how to take that perfect shot in seconds, even if the camera starts in your pocket.
  • Learn why your smartphone is a great camera 
  • Learn simple guidelines to capture a stunning image, every time
  • Learn the quick draw method of picture taking
  • Learn the professional's secret to really make your pictures pop 
Photo taken by Astrid Bryce on a smartphone

Join an intimate group, Receive Individualized Attention

Join an intimate group for 4 weeks of in-depth lessons on photography. Each week, the group will meet live online, for about an hour. The group will determine when the course meets. Of course, recordings will be available, if you can't make it, or for future reference.

Each lesson will include training on the topic of the week, a photo critique of one of your previously submitted photos, and time to answer any questions you have.

During the week, you will have unrestricted email access to me for any questions that come up. There will also be a private Facebook group for discussion during non-class hours.

As an added bonus, you will receive a free one-on-one coaching session with me. You may schedule this session at any point during the course. We will cover whatever you wish.

What you'll learn: 

Week 1 
get to know your camera
  • Orientation 
  • Your camera app 
  • Settings to set and forget
  • Settings you'll use
  • Photo critique 
Week 2 
Take your picture 
  • Quick app open
  • Compose 
  • Focus 
  • Shoot
  • Photo critique 
Week 3
 make your picture
  • Editing / Post processing apps
  • Basic adjustments
  • More complex adjustments 
  • The "right" look 
  • Photo critique 
Week 4
your picture's future
  • Storing
  • Backing up 
  • Sharing
  • Printing 
  • Photo critique 

capture better memories, and share with more confidence 

Join an intimate group for 4 in depth lessons on photography. The lessons will be delivered live online once a week, for about an hour. The group will determine when the course meets. Of course, there will be recordings if you can't make it, or for your future reference.

The group will determine if the course starts before Christmas, so you can improve your photography skills before then, or, if the holidays are too busy, we’ll wait until afterwards
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